5 Reasons You Might Need Breast Implant Surgery

close-up of a young woman’s breasts with bra

Breast implant surgery can transform your body. For that reason alone, it’s a viable option for many women. Enhancing your breasts can also increase your self-confidence and improve your self-esteem. If you need more reasons for breast augmentation, then Salameh Plastic Surgery has you covered.

Addressing Bodily Changes

a pregnant woman examines her breasts

When your body changes significantly, you might consider breast implant surgery as an option. There are several circumstances when your body and, in particular, your breasts change enough that a plastic surgery procedure might be the best choice. Let’s explore the changes that may inspire you to pursue solutions that will lead to a natural, youthful-looking shape.

Weight Loss

Have you lost weight recently? Fluctuations in your weight can change the shape of your breasts. Specifically, when you lose weight, you may lose it in your breasts, as well. That can lead to a transformation that doesn’t reflect your natural contours. Breast augmentation surgery can make your breasts full again by plumping them and perfecting their shape.


Pregnancy can make your breasts grow fuller, but then you lose weight after having the baby, which leads to the problems we just illustrated. Breastfeeding can alter the shape and size of your breasts, as well. It’s essential to note that implants shouldn’t impede your ability to breastfeed your baby, either, nor will they affect your baby’s health. Breast implants are often one component of a larger set of surgeries termed a “mommy makeover.”


If you’ve had a mastectomy for medical reasons, then breast augmentation is a choice that will help to restore your body. You may not elect to go this route, but it’s something to consider if it appeals to you.

The Desire for Larger Breasts

For some women, the desire for bigger, fuller, and shapelier breasts is the number one reason for breast augmentation. Your body is beautiful, but you have to be happy with how you feel and how you look. For you, that might mean getting breast implants. You’re in control of the final outcome. An open discussion with Dr. Salameh and his team will help you to figure out the substance, shape, and size you want. Often, you can even see a visual image of how you’ll look with implants. Browse our before and after images for a better idea of what Dr. Salameh can accomplish.

Creating Balance

a beautiful woman with attractive breasts

It’s not at all uncommon for your breasts to be different sizes. In fact, that’s the case for many women. You deserve to feel comfortable in your body. Achieving balance and symmetry is a valid reason for breast augmentation surgery. You’ll walk away feeling beautiful, natural, and secure.

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Your sense of self-confidence is a vital part of you. Bettering yourself may mean learning a new language, going back to school, or investing in a new wardrobe. It could also mean going ahead with the liposuction, double chin treatment, or breast augmentation that you’ve been dreaming about.

To love yourself, you have to embrace yourself from the inside out. Loving yourself is harder if there’s something about yourself that you don’t like. Just as you can take a class, change your career, or experiment with yoga to improve yourself and focus on self-love, you can also make the choice to transform your body to restore it to its original contours. For you, breast implant surgery might help you to love and enjoy yourself even more.

It’s the Right Choice for You

Woman smiling & cradling breasts

The best reason for breast augmentation surgery is simply because you want larger or fuller breasts. Look into it because you crave balance, because you need more support, or because you want to change the overall shape of your breasts.

You need to love your body and feel happy with the way you look. For that reason alone, breast enhancement might be the perfect decision for you. As long as you spend the appropriate time thinking about it and weighing your options, you’re good to go. Dr. Salameh can help you envision a flattering size and silhouette, as well.

Make the choice to pursue breast implant surgery if it will help with your confidence or your appearance. Get in touch with Salameh Plastic Surgery today. Call us to schedule an appointment so that we can walk through your options and assist you in your new adventure.

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