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What Exactly Is Included in a Mommy Makeover?

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Every mother knows that pregnancy and birth are defining moments in life. The bond between mother and child is instant, and nothing is ever the same again. Life becomes a beautiful dream shared, every moment, with this new little miracle. 

After the baby is born, however, some other realities set in as well. Some mothers can experience difficulty as they attempt to physically bounce back to their natural, pre-baby body.  Between the months of pregnancy, the childbirth itself, and the ensuing breastfeeding, it can all certainly take a toll. And in spite of increased activity, exercise, and diet, sometimes the body still isn’t ready to snap back into its original shape. There are individual procedures and treatments to help address those issues, but they can also be packaged into a set of procedures. 

A mommy makeover can help you regain the pre-pregnancy body you knew and loved. At Salameh Plastic Surgery, a mommy makeover does have options for customization, but here is what is typically included in a mommy makeover:

Breast Lift

During pregnancy, breasts become larger in preparation for breastfeeding. This change will occur whether or not you actually choose to breastfeed. This extra fullness and heavy weight often cause the ligaments that support your breasts to stretch. So, your breasts will appear more saggy after your pregnancy. This increases with the number of children you have. The sag in shape is also a normal occurrence that happens with age to every woman. Some women also experience stretch marks on their breasts and the surrounding area from the rapid growth to prepare your body for breastfeeding.

A breast lift surgery treatment in a mommy makeover is what removes excess skin to tighten and lift sagging breasts for a more perky and youthful look. Each woman is assessed for her own specific needs and a plan is discussed to help her reach her aesthetic goals. A breast lift can also be done at the same time as breast augmentation. 

Breast Implants

While most women’s breasts return to their pre-pregnancy size or even stay larger after they stop breastfeeding, some may notice a diminishment in their cup size. Whether they grow or shrink after pregnancy, it is most likely due to your genetics, weight gain during pregnancy, and age. If you breastfeed your baby, you may also notice a difference in the asymmetrical characteristics of your breasts.

A breast implant procedure is what is most often used in a mommy makeover to increase your breast size, but it can also be used to correct asymmetrical shape issues. Breast implants can offer a huge boost in confidence for any mother. But, if your large size is causing you to have back pain, posture issues, or is just uncomfortable, Salameh Plastic Surgery also offers breast reduction surgery

360 Liposuction

When you were a spunky teenager, it was almost easy to diet and exercise the extra pounds away. Now that you’ve had one or more children, even diet and exercise may not respond as well as you’d like. If only you had a fresh start, where you could just continue to eat sensibly instead of starving yourself, and exercise lightly instead of power-housing it at the gym. 360 liposuction in a mommy makeover is what helps put you ahead of the game and removes stubborn fat cells from your arms, hips, thighs, and stomach. This procedure offers immediate, permanent results and a slimmer body. Downtime is minimal, so you can get back to being a super mom with a slender, contoured body.  

Tummy Tuck

Whether you had twins or multiples, or just a regular pregnancy, in most cases you won’t be able to exercise excess skin away. A tummy tuck procedure can help. A tummy tuck treatment in a mommy makeover is what surgically removes the extra skin and lets you reclaim a flatter stomach so you can go bikini shopping again. This procedure includes the tightening of abdominal muscles that have loosened due to pregnancy and weight gain. Scars are minimal and can often be hidden in the pubic region, so no one will notice you’ve had the procedure done when you’re wearing your bikini.   

If reclaiming your pre-pregnancy body and regaining the confidence you once had is what you want, you need a mommy makeover. Contact Salameh Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about what a mommy makeover actually does include. We’ll personalize a plan to help you reach your goals and look your best!


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