Self Care, Not Selfish

Many people misunderstand what plastic surgery really is, leading them to underestimate plastic surgery benefits. Perhaps it’s in the etymology—plastic can have a modern connotation of “cheap and disposable,” but in reality, the term comes from the Greek plastike, meaning “the art of modeling.” This definition precedes the other by at least 70 years!

Plastic surgery is, broadly, the restoration, enhancement, and alteration of the human body. Many of these surgeries are essential for bodily functions after accidents or injuries, and many procedures go far beyond appearance. Read on to learn about our top 3 reasons for plastic surgery to be essential.

1. Plastic Surgery Can Do More Than Enhance Your Looks

Plastic surgery encompasses a broad range of surgeries, one being cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is only one part of the six required training categories for the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Cosmetic surgery encompasses breast surgery, face procedures, tummy tucks, liposuction, and much more. The reasons for these plastic surgeries are not necessarily just to alter your appearance. A breast reduction surgery, for instance, is often performed to mitigate neck and back pain, poor posture, and difficulty with everyday tasks.

For the most life-changing plastic surgery benefits and the most natural, youthful-looking outcome, you should ensure your cosmetic surgeon is board certified.

2. Surgery can impact the quality of life

Plastic surgery benefits can extend far beyond the aesthetic. There are many conditions that, when treated, can improve a patient’s quality of life tremendously.

  • Enlarged labia can cause problems with itching, sexual satisfaction, and physical discomfort.
  • Hormonal imbalances can cause unnatural enlargement of the male breasts. Gynecomastia can reduce the size and restore confidence that may have been lost, and reduce tenderness in the area that can result.
  • Prominent or overly extended ears can cause self-consciousness. Ear Pinning aims to draw in prominent ears closer to the head, resulting in a sleeker and more naturally beautiful profile.

Even if the reason for plastic surgery is cosmetic, that should not mean it is unnecessary. Feeling less than your very best can cause poor self-esteem, leading to mental health issues. Aesthetics are an essential aspect of how people perceive you in personal and professional settings. Cosmetic surgery can significantly improve your confidence for the rest of your life.

3. Plastic surgery can boost your confidence–and that’s something everyone needs.

Simple self-care and recognition of the human need to feel attractive is one of the most important reasons for plastic surgery. Feeling good about one’s self shouldn’t be considered an overindulgent luxury; it’s an essential component of a healthy attitude and a strong outlook. It can make all the difference in your career, your relationships, and your own personal self-image. The way you feel about yourself matters on a personal and individual level that affects every aspect of your life.

Any desired plastic surgery procedure or treatment should be treated as essential. Nothing is more important than enjoying life to the fullest and feeling your very best, from the inside out.

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